Uncluttered Beginnings: Year-End Tips for a Fresh Start

December 22, 2023 4:06 pm Published by

Decluttering may not be on your mind right now, but it may be just what you need! Instead of decluttering as a New Year’s Resolution, why not clear it out to start 2024 with a fresh outlook and room to breathe? The holiday season is the time to think about what’s accumulated in your home and throw away or donate what you don’t use or need, especially if you’re already cleaning for guests. Yes, it’s a task most of us dread, but if you take it slowly and set realistic goals, you’ll be all set for a fresh start next year.

Whittle Your Wardrobe

The biggest clutter offender maybe your wardrobe, so consider tackling it first! Since 2020, you may have completely changed what you wear to work. Whether you’re remote, hybrid, or a daily commuter now, really scrutinize your closet. Evaluation is easy if you answer these simple questions. What do you honestly think you’ll never wear again? What do you really need if you work from home most of the time? Make a list of each outfit you’ll wear again, then give the rest to charity. 

Next, get rid of items that are worn out or have holes and stains. Then, with the clothes left, make sure everything still fits. Keep what works and makes you feel good. If you need to keep seasonal items or fashion in a different size, consider storing them elsewhere. When you’ve successfully evaluated your wardrobe, you’ll be happier each time you open your closet.

Slash Subscriptions

Most of us may not even realize how much we spend on subscriptions. Sure, $5 a month doesn’t seem like a lot, but that adds up to $60 yearly, and why pay if you don’t use it? Give your budget a boost by only keeping subscriptions you need and use. For instance, how many streaming services do you have, and which do you actually watch regularly? And how many goody boxes are too many? If you have unopened boxes stacked up in a corner, then you may have too many. Also, re-evaluate online classes, streaming music, and grocery services. Add up the cost of each subscription, subtract which ones you could eliminate, and you may be surprised how much you’ll save.

Clean and Clear

The post-holiday blues may be hitting when you put away your decorations, but it offers an opportunity to clear your storage! If something’s broken or missing a part or bulb, place it in the trash pile. Take the time to deep clean your decorations, tree, and home, and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment going into 2024.

Free Your Mind

Finally, free your mind and declutter your priorities and expectations to be open to new things. Do you expect perfection from yourself and get upset when you don’t measure up? Journal or think about what expectations you want to carry into the new year. As for priorities, think about what matters most and declutter your schedule. Having downtime is more important for your mental health than saying yes to everything.

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This post was written by Jennifer Haveman