The Art of Gift-Giving: Creative Ideas for Beautiful Presents

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Is gift wrapping an afterthought for you? Another task on your holiday to-do list? We get it; it’s easy to fall into going through the motions, but with just a little planning and creativity, you can turn your gifts from ho-hum to magical! Creative gift-giving is an art that goes beyond disguising what’s inside. It’s about transforming the experience into a treasure hunt. And really, it’s easier than you may think to add a magical touch to each unwrapping.

Outside the Box

Boxes and bags are soooo 2022! Think outside the box by gifting in unexpected packages. You can use baskets, Christmas stockings, cookie tins, plush throws, or even something they can use every day like a fabric shopping bag. Filling a stocking with one or more gifts is also a fun idea, especially for youngsters, but we think even adults will enjoy each surprise they pull out.

Make It Personal

Printed pics are few and far between these days, so adding some to gift wrapping is an excellent way to make it personal. Print your favorite photo of the person you’re gifting or their family or children at a fun event, then attach it using double-sided tape. You could also add a note about how much you enjoyed that day and look forward to more good times. Or write a nice note instead of using a gift tag because handwritten notes are also rare, and we think they’ll appreciate the extra effort.

Go Green

Green is the new black, so embrace it to brighten your gifts. Wrap them in plain recycled paper and decorate them with greenery and natural elements. You don’t have to spend extra money because you can gather them outside. Pretty leaves, evergreen sprigs, pine cones, and thistles will spruce up a package (pun intended!). Get creative by designing an outdoor scene, using twigs to spell their name, or adding dried flowers for a pop of color. To go green, skip the paper and use repurposed fabric.

Join the Hunt

A fun way to ramp up excitement is to have a scavenger hunt. Create questions or clues for the giftee to solve, with each one getting them closer to the prize. It’d be even more fun to base the clues or questions on memories of experiences you’ve had together like these examples: “What animals did we see at the roadside park in Colorado? Where did we go for your 4th birthday?”


For a one-of-a-kind presentation, wrap gifts uniquely in newspapers, magazine pages, and stationary, especially vintage ones you can find here or at a thrift store. Do you have a piece of clothing that has special meaning but isn’t wearable anymore? Wrap a present in that, or use a pair of fun PJs or an ugly Christmas sweater to add a touch of whimsy. 

Getting creative with gift-giving is more fun in your dream home here in The Colony. You can uniquely wrap gifts for your spouse, kids, family, and friends on your spacious kitchen island or hide out in your expansive primary suite so you can keep everything a surprise! Contact us today to give yourself the gift of a fabulous new place to make new holiday memories.

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This post was written by Jennifer Haveman