Meet Ashton Woods Homes

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Meet Ashton Woods Homes

You’re about to enter a world where every home tells a story — and guess what? Ashton Woods Homes at The Colony is ready to add a chapter to your story. Picture this: innovative design meets unparalleled craftsmanship, creating a space that’s not just a house but a reflection of your unique style and dreams.

At our master-planned community, you’re not just moving into a new home; you’re stepping into a lifestyle where every day feels like a tailored experience. We’re all about creating moments that matter in spaces designed just for you. Curious? You should be! Keep reading to learn more about what makes Ashton Woods Homes stand out.

Discover Ashton Woods Homes

Where thoughtful design meets life’s most cherished moments – that’s the essence of an Ashton Woods Home within The Colony. Ashton Woods’ innovative approach and commitment to craftsmanship ensure that a home isn’t merely a space to live in, but a place where a story beautifully unfolds.

A Life Tailored to You

In this master-planned community, homeowners discover a lifestyle designed to elevate the everyday. Ashton Woods focus on design principles and its design team embodies a deep understanding that where we live dramatically shapes how we live.

The Ashton Woods Difference: Design That Inspires

Ashton Woods draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape and culture to craft homes with luxury and warmth. It’s about creating spaces that allow life to blossom. After a day of exploration and adventure, returning to an Ashton Woods home in The Colony will feel like the ultimate retreat.

A Legacy of Excellence

As the prestigious 2023 Builder of the Year and a consistent winner and for its cutting-edge design centers, Ashton Woods sets the standard for exceptional homebuilding. An Ashton Woods residence in The Colony is a promise of unmatched quality.

The Colony: Where Your Dream Design Awaits

Whether it’s the stylish sophistication of the 50’s series or the undeniable charm of the 45’s, homeowners will find floorplans designed to maximize comfort and beauty.

50’s Series: Choose from 14 thoughtfully designed single-family plans with ample space (1,589 sq. ft. to 2,904 sq. ft.) and the convenience of 2-car garages.

45’s Series: Explore 11 distinctive plans featuring 3-5 bedrooms, 2-4 full baths, plus a convenient half bath.

Options for Everyone: Discover the perfect fit with a variety of 1-2 story home options in both series.

Let Your Story Begin

The Colony is where dream homes come alive. Ashton Woods Homes represent an unparalleled blend of design brilliance and a commitment to making those special moments at home even more memorable. If you’re ready to create a life that’s uniquely yours, contact us today!

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