Fall Fitness Challenges

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Fall Fitness Challenges

Welcome to the exhilarating realm of autumn fitness, where working out becomes an adventure, and every crunch of leaves beneath your sneakers is a step toward a healthier you! As the days grow shorter and the air crisper, your fitness journey can take a thrilling turn with the turn of the seasons. If you’re ready to revitalize your workout routine, read on to learn why exercising this season and having a routine is crucial — and of course, for fun fall fitness challenges!

Autumn Exercise is Essential!

Before we get to the fun, exercise is essential in autumn to help keep your mood bright on dark, gray days. Exercise helps keep your brain healthy, manages weight, boosts your immune system, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves your overall attitude. If you exercise just ten minutes a day, you’ll have a more positive outlook — that is only 1/144th of your whole day! If you bump that up to thirty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, you’ll sleep better and longer.

Enjoy “Routine” Better Health

Fall can be the perfect time to build your fitness routine with cooler outdoor temperatures. Your schedule may even be more consistent compared to summer! Take advantage of that time to create a routine that fits your lifestyle. You can start by setting small goals for yourself, like taking a walk four days out of the week. As you reach that one, you can increase the number of weekly walks until it is an everyday habit. You could also start with just ten minutes and work up to 30 to get fresh air and stay fit between now and the holidays. And after the holidays, your routine will help you work off the pumpkin pie!

Fall Fitness is Fun!

There are many fun fitness ideas, and a few you can even do at holiday gatherings. How about playing flag football? Flag football is an excellent way to exercise while competing with friends and family. A themed race like a turkey trot can also be the perfect opportunity to get your steps in and maybe even dress up for laughs. 

The season also provides unique exercise activities that you can’t find throughout the rest of the year! If you spend the day apple picking, you’ll no doubt get your steps in, work your arm muscles grabbing delicious fruit, and have a juicy snack after burning calories. You have probably also seen leaves piling up in your yard — you can knock out yardwork AND a workout at once! Raking leaves is a great full-body exercise that will leave your yard looking the best in the community.

Bring Your Fitness Routine to The Colony

Now that you know what to do, bring your routine to a new home in The Colony! We have resident-exclusive parks, tennis courts, a disc golf course, fitness centers, and swimming pools throughout our master-planned community. You’ll have endless options in your neighborhood to get outside and stay fit. Contact us today to bring your fall fitness routine to the healthiest community in Bastrop.

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