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Breweries in Bastrop

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From a rich history to local shopping and eateries, there’s a lot to love about life in Bastrop. Speaking of food and drink, specifically, the drink part, Bastrop is home to some of the best breweries in Central Texas.

Whether you’re looking for a light and refreshing pilsner, a stout that’s almost a meal in a glass, or something a bit wilder like a sour, you’re bound to find the perfect pint to wet your whistle. Pull up a barstool and be sure to put these local brew pubs on your Bastrop “must-visit” list.

602 Brewing – From live music to belly-dancing (no we’re not joking) there’s always something fun happening at this restaurant and beer garden. If you’re not in the mood for a beer, no reason to worry, 602 Brewing also has a tempting selection of cocktails like a Maple Old Fashioned or Prickly Pear Margarita. And with growlers to go, there’s no reason not to take your favorite 602 brew home with you.

Bastrop Beer Company – Part brewery and part hot dog joint, Bastrop Beer Company is a living testament that nothing goes better with a good hot dog than a cold beer. While you’re munching on a Plain Jane Dog or one of the specialty weenies like the Buffalo Dog with fried onions and blue cheese crumbles, you can wash it down with one of the 28 drafts on tap. Factor in the pinball machines, arcade games, and pool tables and you may want to spend all day at this place.

Stem and Stone – A bit more upscale than your normal beer joint, Stem and Stone offers everything from a full wine menu to a wide selection of sandwiches and burgers. Stop by on Fridays and Saturdays to nosh on a charcuterie board or visit them for brunch on Sunday. As far as beer goes, with more than two dozen craft beers to choose from, you won’t walk away disappointed.

Iron Bridge Icehouse – From the moment you step into the front door of this brewery you’re bound to feel the welcoming vibes. Founded by a “group of guys who love beer,” brews like the Mango Tango IPA, Yard Dog Kolsch, and Chocolate Raspberry Porter stand out in a world of run-of-the-mill pints. Stop by Iron Bridge’s sister restaurant, Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard next door when they have live music during the warmer months and you’ll see why it’s such a local favorite.

Copper Shot – Okay, Copper Shot isn’t a brewery, it’s a distillery, regardless, we’d be remiss not to share this local gem. Founded in 2016 by a husband and wife team, the local distillery produces an impressive variety of spirits including whiskey, vodka, and several varieties of moonshine with flavors like Pecan, Honey, and Sweet Tater. Tours and tastings are available and the distillery regularly host live music nights. Cheers to that!

A thriving food and drink scene is merely the tip of the iceberg about what makes life in Bastrop so appealing to so many people. Learn more and live your best life in Bastrop here.

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Breweries in Bastrop

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