• A Hidden Gem in Bastrop: Iron Bridge Ice House

    We at The Colony love to highlight Bastrop’s amazing schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, outdoor activities, city parks, and close proximity to Austin. It’s because these things make Bastrop an amazing place to live and raise a family.  But what about blowing off some steam? Not everyone is in the mood for a hike or a stroll… View Article

  • Staycations & Event Spaces in Bastrop, TX

    Staycations Bastrop

    A lot of people underestimate Bastrop as a vacation and retreat destination. While it’s understandable why they might overlook Bastrop because it’s a smaller city, it doesn’t change the fact that they are missing out big time.  Most people don’t picture a small city of around 9,000 people located 30 miles southeast of Austin as… View Article

  • Memorial Day in Bastrop

    Bastrop Texas

    Memorial Day in Bastrop, TX Making plans for this Memorial Day weekend? Bastrop is the perfect place to spend a 3-day weekend as summer kicks off. You can explore the great outdoors, go camping, float the river, or relax in style at great restaurants and wineries in the area. The school year is winding down,… View Article

  • Barton Hill Farms: Blooms & Brews Festival Filled with Flowers and Family Fun 

    Barton Hill Farms Bastrop, TX

    As summer quickly approaches, families all over Austin are looking for new activities that the whole family can enjoy. Barton Hill Farms is a family-owned and operated farm in Bastrop, Texas, a short 30-minute drive from Austin. The farm has a variety of daily activities, but in May, the Blooms and Brews Festival kicks off…. View Article

  • More Than a Movie Theater: Film Alley in Bastrop, TX

    Film Alley Bastrop

    Movies on the big screen offer a brief escape from daily life by taking you on an immersive adventure for a couple of hours. When you combine your movie with good food and crisp air conditioning, the experience can be something truly special. But can your movie-going experience get even better? Yes it can! Bastrop’s… View Article

  • Why History Matters in Bastrop, TX


    A town’s history is important.  People we’ve never met will continue to shape our reality long after they’ve passed on, and history is the portal through which we can understand their impact on our lives. The families, culture, politics, patriots, and bold individuals that have come before us influence our communities in a big way…. View Article

  • Savory Farmers Market at The Colony

    Bastrop Farmers Market

    When most people think of farmers markets, they picture fresh produce stacked high on tables. They imagine the bustling hum of local shoppers and the kind of ingredients that make meals that taste great and provide more nutrition while supporting the local economy and food security network. A farmers market elevates the whole community. Locally… View Article

  • Bastrop River Company

    Bastrop Kayaking

    Bastrop is known for amazing restaurants, boutique shops with one-of-a-kind gifts, and local charm, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg of what this Texas town has to offer. What makes a community like The Colony so appealing is its proximity to outdoor activities that make the most of the area’s natural beauty… View Article